The best tapas tours, visit and enjoy the famous Spanish tapas

Our tours, the best tapas tours won’t get one like this in Madrid. Our journey goes for bars or taverns that have been carefully selected. So each, and every one of them have the best conditions of quality, price, service, and charm to our customers. For each of us, excellence is vital therefore are the best tapas tours.
We will choose the tapas and rations more appropriate in each of the stops that we made along the way, all thinking of you, although it should be noted that all depends on the season in which decide to visit our tapas tours.
We accompany drink caps, making an entertaining itinerary, while they know some curiosities of our beautiful villa. Our tapas tours through the places that locals attend, to take us to a good wine or a cane and without doubt one top (can’t-miss).
Not only is intended for foreigners, actually is designed for anyone who wants to know the best places in different areas. For tapas when you see fit.

What about tapas?

If you don’t know the covers and are in Madrid, I must tell you that these not enjoying your country. Don’t waste more time from Madrid or foreign, come to our tapas tours are cordially invited. Already you invite, but insurance you‘re asking are the hookers tops, right?


Essentially a lid (food) is an appetizer that is served in most bars or restaurants. They are usually accompanied by the drink (alcoholic or not).
Ah, this it is called tapas or tapas. It is quite common to go out to dinner or simply to go on weekends for tapas with a group of friends and share an excellent wine. One nice site to enjoy Spanish tapas it is la costa brava, check this link to get more information about la costa brava and its natural parks.

Types of tours

Our service consists of various types of the tour among them have. 


  • Basic tours run!
           -Puerta del sol and opera
           -Plaza Mayor, Austrias
           -The Latin
  • Special Tours offers US!
The caps are made to suit all tastes and palates.


These tours are thinking in its entirety for congresses, conventions and meetings.
We have a teaching which each of the members of the tapas tour Barcelona, is organized a contest between them with enough symbolic prizes to get to know better the beautiful Madrid and of course so we will travel more fun.
They are invited if you‘re local go. If you are a foreigner when you visit our country please do not hesitate to visit the best tapas tours should not go without knowing us.

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