Make money with Tumblr

Tumblr is a page with lots of possibilities, although not the most famous. It’s easy to overlook just how popular Tumblr is.  But as Google shows, there’s more search volume for Tumblr than for WordPress and Pinterest combined! MY 5-STEP MONEY-MAKING SYSTEM:

1.  I build a Tumblr blog for each of my existing WordPress niche sites.
2.  I find some great content from other Tumblr blogs to “reblog” – post on my Tumblr site.  This is one thing I LOVE about Tumblr.  On a regular site (a WordPress site, for example), having a site filled with other people’s content is frowned upon, and it’s nearly impossible to get traffic.  On Tumblr, people LOVE it when you  reblog their stuff! The more you reblog, the more traffic you will get.  It’s awesome.
3.  Each day, using Tumblr’s simple search feature, I find new people      who are posting about my niche and I “follow” them.  Then, I pick  one of  their posts, “like” it, leave a comment about it, and reblog it. This really gets people’s attention.  They are flattered.  And over 50% of the time, they follow me back.  From then on, they will see every post I make, right in their Tumblr feed (their home page.)
4.  Each day I find good content from the people I’m already following     (it’s super easy since it shows up right in my feed) and I “like”,       reblog, and comment on it.  (Sometimes all 3, sometimes just like or reblog.)  This encourages people to visit my blog frequently.
5.  Every time I post to my WordPress site in that niche, a free plugin     automatically posts that content to my Tumblr blog.  All the people who are following me see these posts.  This drives traffic to my site, and also makes sales directly.  That’s because my followers see all of my product review posts with affiliate links.  I have a good  relationship with these people (due to all my “likes”, reblogs, and  comments on their blogs) so they have a high level of trust in me and often buy the products I recommend.
Now, when I say that “I” do this, I really mean my team.  I have an outsourcer who does ALL of the day-to-day tasks.  This is incredibly easy and inexpensive to outsource. Though if you want to do it yourself, it doesn’t take long, and it’s actually quite fun and interesting. This Tumblr method is probably my most effective (particularly cost effective) ways of getting traffic to my niche sites. I just reviewed a new product that takes a completely different approach to making money on Tumblr.  And honestly, Paul’s method is probably more effective than mine!

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