How to get the best monsters in Monster Legends

The fantastic universes as the Monster Legends have that point it becomes addictive, whether in films, series, novels or video games. If a very well-structured fantastic game you add it’s free you don’t need practically nothing more to succeed in your hands. And that’s what got Monster Legends, the game where you can raise your own monsters as well as create new fantastic creatures from them; all a success in the Smartphone and the tablets. Although not is completely free, but it is a game freemium, but completely free with Gums Up.

Combinations Monster Legends

You’re not very involved in the world of games for electronic devices and do not know what a freemium game we explain that it is a game free download, free to play, but with paid content. And among those contents that must pay are resources for your monsters, like the food, or the own money of the game, which is essential in order to improve and beat your rivals. Because, let’s be honest, it is one thing to raise monsters, but we really like is to fight with them and win our friends.

Free gems for Monster Legends

One of those resources more sought are the gems, the key for advance in the game. You can get them in the game itself, but always good to extra help in the form of gems free. A good Council is that desconfíes of the pages that you promise hacks of gems infinite or of which you recommend handling the system operating of your smartphone or tablet; and another Council still best is that use Gums Up, an interesting application with which you can get fantastic awards for play to Monster Legends.

Resources, gems, meal

Gums Up is an app that you can download free from the App Store and the Play Store. The objective is to accumulate all the gums as you can then replace them with the awards that will be your Passport to the gems of Monster Legends. To do this, you should go to win gums, where it opens a menu with all the options to get them: use the apps that proposes Gums Up, watch videos, participate in surveys, invite your friends to Gums Up… Each action has its award, and not will take in get them gums necessary to redeem them for a gift.

monster legends hack

In the gifts section you will find gift for the App Store or the famous cards of Google Play, along with the money from PayPal – also you can get it in Gums Up – are the most common payment methods at the freemium as Monster Legends games. Request your prize, and will receive it at the time. From that moment just that you transfer the balance on the card gift to your account from the App Store or Google Wallet and use it to buy the gems you need in the Monster Legends store. So easy it is to get free gems.

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