How to get gems in Clash of Clans

Many people on the Internet desperately seeking «how to get gems in free Clash Of Clans» in the hope of finding some trick, software or bug in the system that allows them to achieve the much-desired gems of the game for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android that comes from the hand of SuperCell. However, what many users don’t know is that there are many tricks that say to get free gems of CoC, but none of them just doing what it says on the Internet.

That is why, we have decided to make this post explaining the truth about how to get gems in Clash Of Clans for free, revealing those techniques that are no more than a real «scam» for users and giving some alternatives to the best techniques to achieve the much-desired gems of easy and simple.Clash Of Clans is a completely free game for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices that the user has to create a village and strengthen it based on the construction of a City Hall, defenses, as well as improve the walls so that enemy troops have it more difficult to get inside the village , camps (to be able to attack with a greater number of troops), barracks (for more troops). In addition, we must also improve the gold mines and the elixir extractors, which are the basis to obtain greater resources to continue improving our village. Check more information at about Clash of Clans an other games from the actuality.

That is the question the million that thousands of users are are asking almost on a daily basis… as well, here at SoloApp we are going to reveal some techniques that could help these users to get free gems and quickly though, unfortunately, there is still no software that can inject an unlimited number of gems in our account (unless you pass through box of course), so we will have us to beating pulse.

The reality is so hard, and is that while there are many sites that will ensure to have the magic wand to get gems in Clash Of Clans of free and unlimited, sorry to tell you that this is completely impossible. Why?, is the answer to that question very simple and is the game Clash Of Clans, a cross-platform online play, so that all our users, as well as our villages, are stored on different servers private company SuperCell and are protected by a complex security system. At the moment, there was still no «hacker» who has been able to dismantle this system, so it is completely impossible to get free gems of Clans Clash by magic.

I’ve known some hackers who have tried to enter the system, and make me case which are very good, but have never succeeded: Clash Of Clans is impassable. However, there are some ways and techniques that will enable us to get free gems in Clash Of Clans and in this manual we wanted to reveal them to you all. Before, we wanted to make a review of the main «hoaxes» or «scams» that exist on the network on Clash Of Clans and its magical way to get gems free and unlimited, putting the most popular as an example.

This is the most desired software for all those users who are looking for the way to get free gems in Clash Of Clans so magically. As a good follower of the game, I could not resist to try the program dubbed Clash Of Clans Hack Tool. However, I think not that I did the bullfighter, as I made sure that my team was not at risk to the «cursed» software to download, despite video showing the operation of the tool, see it was fully aware that there was a 99.9% chance «Clash Of Clans Hack Tool» program was a real scam.

Once downloaded, the virus of the computer that downloaded it went crazy, literally. I began to exit popups telling me of the huge danger that the computer was going to have that file inside, and that he had not yet opened it. (do not fear for my computer, it is an old computer that I only use to test this type of «unsafe» things). That is why I did case ignored all warnings of my antivirus, poor him, and decided to go ahead with my research.

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